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While NPR is regarded as a reliable news and culture resource, it struggles to connect with the youth of today. NPR gives Gen-Z the platform to educate the world on their perspective with the new Up the Volume (UTV) launch.


The logo will be turned up and given more saturation to differentiate it from the regular NPR logo.

UTV lives within the NPR site as an extension dedicated to Gen Z. This is a platform that allows young content creators to post relevant content, collaborate, and make their voices heard on a national platform.


Gen Z consumes most of their media and news through social platforms. We will target them through Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube with highly shareable and interactive content. 

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In anticipation for the UTV launch, NPR will let teens completely take over their radio programs, podcasts, social media accounts, news outlets, and more for an entire day to wake up the parent generation who has fallen complacent to young voices.



UTV will take its platform to high school by highlighting AV clubs and giving them air time to talk about the stories, new, and cultural happenings they actually care about.



Posters will be placed in school campuses and libraries to get the word out and encourage teens to speak their minds.


CW: Clare Davis