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Sailor Jerry is a spiced rum that embodies the rebellious nature of the tattoo artist Norman Collins, a man at the forefront of the emerging American counterculture. In this same spirit we turn his classic pin-ups into powerhouses to challenge the status quo and Revel In Rebellion.


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Branded photo booths will be placed at bars and events where people can snap photos of their night out. Each photo strip will feature a dare that kicks your butt to do something fun just up to the point of recklessness.

The print campaign will be extended into the bar, decorating the tables and inspiring patrons to order some Sailor Jerry for themselves.

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Art of the bottle Contest

As an extension of the campaign, Sailor Jerry is encouraging badass female artists to upload their own Sailor Jerry-Girl designs for a chance to win a variety of prizes including their art featured on the bottle.



The badass winners of the “Art of the Bottle” contest will score a sponsored trip to beach paradise and have their designs featured at our Art Basel showcase in Miami.


During the Art Basel weekend wheat paste posters will be placed throughout Wynewood and targeted Instagram features and story updates will inform the public of the experience.

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CW: Clare Davis